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Tong Ren mp3: Weight Loss & Appetite Control

Have you been carrying some extra weight? Do you feel the urge to eat even when you are not hungry? Do you eat for comfort? Download and play this mp3 digital file every day, at least once a day — or as often as you and your body choose — for a healthier body and healthier eating! How easy and convenient is that? There might even be some side effects like relaxation, better sleep, easier bowel movements, and more!

This is not "just" a meditation. You actually receive Tong Ren healing energy when you play this mp3, whether the volume is on or off, and whether you are doing something else or not (but please, don't drive, use knives, or operate heavy machinery at the same time... and it is more effective when you are NOT multitasking!) Nighttime just after you get into bed would be perfect, you don't have to actively listen, it's ok to have the mp3 playing while you are sleeping.

Please note that consistency is important (play this mp3 at least once a day, every day) and that this mp3 will not make your body shed weight beyond what is healthy. It will take a week or two before you notice that your appetite has decreased, though most people will feel better overall from day 1.

$45 is the introductory price, buy this before the price goes up!

mp3 approximate length: 00:27:48.

mp3 approximate size: 28.1 MB.

Please note that mp3 purchases are NOT refundable. This mp3 is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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