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One Amazing Tong Ren Group Healing

Tong Ren is an amazing, gentle yet powerful energy healing therapy that can alleviate hundreds of conditions, from physical dis-orders to mental/emotional issues. It can also be used to improve your overall health, even if you are not experiencing any health problems.

For more details about Tong Ren:

Most people find that group healing sessions can benefit them tremendously, even though a group healing session is not a substitute for a private session.

To find out when the next group healing session is, go to

Please contact Sophie by email AT LEAST 24 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME to specify which group healing session you are choosing to attend, if you are attending remotely, and which 3 conditions you would like Sophie to focus on for you during the group healing session.

When you buy this item, you are buying ONE TONG REN GROUP HEALING SESSION. You can attend remotely or in person. Please note that YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING SHIPPED OR EMAILED to you.

If attending remotely: During the time of the group healing, all you need to do is to lie down and receive. You do not need to phone in or check in.

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