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Tong Ren mp3: Eyes Health

Help your eyes become more healthy, or stay healthy! Download and play this mp3 digital file when, and as often as you and your body choose! How's that for ease and convenience?

Consider getting this healing mp3 if you are experiencing eye/vision issues, such as: dry eyes - inflammation and/or infections of the eyes, i.e. those conditions that end with "itis" - cataracts - night vision and other vision problems - retina problems - corneal ulcers - glaucoma - itchy eyes - macular degeneration - sties - ... and more! This mp3 could help whether you are suffering from just one of the above conditions, or from several. Your body will utilize only what it needs.

mp3 approximate length: 00:19:10.
mp3 approximate size: 17.55MB.

It's best to run the Yummy Overall Tune Up mp3 before you run this one. You could create a playlist, and play with all the possibilities!

A customer commented: "I went to the eye doctor yesterday, and my eyesight has improved! My dog [who had corneal ulcers] is doing much better too." Another one mentioned: "My eyes went from 20/25 to 20/20."

Please note that mp3 purchases are NOT refundable. This mp3 is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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